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Eval, principal fabricante de material para resccate marino,su visión de hacer una contribución significativa a la mejora de la seguridad de la navegación, tratando la vida humana como el valor final y también facilitar la experiencia para los entusiastas del mar y profesionales, proporcionando productos de alta calidad a precios competitivos. Todo lo que necesites de EVAL lo encontrarás en te cuenta la historia de EVAL Safety manufactures:

EVAL S.A is a market leader in the Greek marine accessories market. The company has significant export activities that expand worldwide. The Company focuses on:


• The production and supply of innovative and quality products.

• Ability to deliver a broad range of marine products and services to our customers.
• Efficient and timeless service. After sales service is also a key factor.


EVAL S.A. implements and operates under the following basic values:

  • Customer Orientation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Innovation
  • Efficiency
  • Environmental Orientation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

EVAL E.G. Vallianatos S.A. was founded in 1976 and operates under ISO - 9001: 2008in its privately owned premises of 5000 m2. 

EVAL S.A. is a producer of SOLAS MED and offers a full range of safety equipmentmeeting the latest standards (CE approvals, SOLAS L.S.A. CODE - CE 96/98 approvals, IMO MSC.200(80) & IMO MSC.207(81).


Lifejackets, inflatable lifejackets, lifebuoy, lifejackets and lifebuoy lights, CE buoyancy aids.


The company's product range exceeds the 6.000 codes of marine accessories, docking and anchoring equipment, standard, electrical and electronic equipment, hydraulic equipment, fishing equipment, water sports etc. EVAL's exports activities expand worldwide.


The first headquarters of the company was in Peristeri area in Athens which for historic reasons and for having the direct contact with the customers is still open as a show room. In the beginning the company started with personnel of 5 people and a space of 200 m2 which was considered the continuance of B.A.K. founded by George Vallianatos in the early sixties.

Today the company has privately owned a complex of 5000 m2 at Ano Liosia-Athens and employees 25 people in administration, the Sales & Marketing Dpt, the Purchasing Dpt, the Customer Service, the Quality Dpt, the Research and Development Dpt,  the Accounting Dpt,and over 30 technicians personnel in the Production and the Warehouse.

The company at its plants manufactures a variety of safety equipment and a large range of marine equipment. The competitive advantage of EVAL ΄s branded products is the high quality of raw materials that it uses and due to the fact that the products are being tested by the Quality Assurance Department of the company. The management and distribution of the products is being processed by the new technologies of: ERP software, Barcodes etc.

The company operates under ISO 9001:2008 certificate for quality control, accredited from the Polish Register Statkow S.A.

EVAL S.A., considering the need for providing quality products that ensure a safe usage, has been accredited with the quality certificate ISO-9001:2008 by the Polish Register Statkow S.A.

In more detail, safety equipment and lifejackets have received the necessary certifications according to vessel type (SOLAS 74, LSA Code-Solas 96/98)


EVAL S.A. is a producer of SOLAS MED and offers a full range of safety equipment meeting the latest standards (CE approvals, SOLAS L.S.A. CODE - CE 96/98 approvals, IMO MSC.200(80) & IMO MSC.207(81). Lifejackets, inflatable lifejackets, lifebuoys, lifejackets and lifebuoy lights, CE buoyancy aids.

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