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IST Sports Corp., founded in 1976, started out as an original equipment manufacturer producing quality masks and snorkels for well-known international brands. From the beginning, IST has built up a solid reputation in supplying quality and reliable products with excellent back up service. We were fortunate to have gained many valuable partners worldwide along the way but in the quest for more success, the company soon decided to establish its own brand by using the very same name.

Initially, IST carried mainly masks, snorkels and fins but had our sight set on becoming the complete scuba gear supplier. No energy was spared to develop new dive gear and our range and product options slowly increased. After many years of refining, neoprene items (suits, boots etc.), accessories, knives, bags, torches and finally hard gear, all became a part of our growing selection. Today, IST has the unique ability to kit out divers of any level, from their head to toe, for most conditions. For 2009, we have also added new spearfishing, technical diving and beach gear lines so we can reach a bigger market share.

After 35 years in the market, IST dive equipment has made its way into the major markets around the globe. Along side our North America distribution centre based in LA, California, we have also entered into partnership agreement with our distributors in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Australia / Oceania. Many of our distributors, once started cooperating with us, have been dealing with IST uninterruptedly, which is a testament of our product quality and after sales service. Even in this present economic climate, IST is confident to work with our partners through this tough period and to continually gain further market share, brand awareness and generate sales for our worldwide partners so we can proudly say that wherever there is diving, there is IST!

Mission statement

From the outset, it’s always been IST’s primary goal to manufacture SAFE, RELIABLE, HIGH QUALITY products at AFFORDABLE prices. This sentence may sound simple but behind it, we have invested countless hours and resources into product development and innovation to achieve this end, all for the enjoyment of the divers.

Needless to say, safety, reliability and quality are the first design objectives we look at before making any new product. This is hugely significant because we know the life of every diver who uses IST equipment will depend on it and no compromises can be made. Once a direction is decided on, we then look into many different manufacturing processes and see how we can make the merchandises at the most affordable cost so we will be doing our part to help the scuba community grow by making diving a more accessible sport.

From 2009, IST is diversifying its product range as a strategy to counter the global economic crisis. Instead of minimising production or reducing product selection, IST has gone against the trend, enlarging its recreational diving equipment line and added new technical diving, spearfishing and beach wear lines to help our worldwide distributors capturing a wider market share and stimulate sales. As for our end users, you will benefit from the convenience in products searching, and knowing that IST have kept its manufacturing tradition to bring out products with quality and accessible pricing.

It is our promise to uphold our company’s mission and to continually making improvements. If you have any question any time, please do not hesitate to contact us or a distributor near you and we trust you will enjoy browsing through our new web site.

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